Catalysts for transformation + my upcoming performance art piece!

Brené Brown, Ph.D., LMSW

Brené Brown, Ph.D., LMSW

Hello dear reader,

Within the past month, I've realized that everything I’ve been doing and experiencing are notes for the book or play or performance art piece that I have written (will write) and create/d. I was just coming back into my true self. And then I start to see how my actions become dishonest and aren’t full of Compassion, Sharing, Love and Community. Humility can be powerful. That self reflection of the things I’m most ashamed of. A new tenet in my Worship of Water: always help those around you be the best they can be. There is love in abundance. Can’t we love each other? Love is powerful and so is friendship.

Here is music and readings from my recent show on Thursday, May 22nd - "my radical miscarriage: a performance art piece".

In regards to my blog and understanding my journey, to get started, I recommend reading Dream Journal first - I've read it to/with many friends, my mom, our neighbor, the choir, coworkers and I share it with you. It is the first piece of writing that poured forth from me the afternoon of the day of my complete miscarriage on April 1st, 2014.

love, dawn

5.15.2014 Thursday 6:37 AM