my radical miscarriage: a performance art piece

By Dawn Stewart-Lookkin

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014, 6:30pm at The Community Church of New York


Dawn + Danny performing "Jackson" by Johnny Cash + June Carter.  Photo by Stacy Lanyon, 2014

Dawn + Danny performing "Jackson" by Johnny Cash + June Carter.

Photo by Stacy Lanyon, 2014

Lead vocals + quirky, self deprecating quips: Dawn Stewart-Lookkin

Lead guitar, back up vocals + calm presence: Danny Valdes

1. Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town by Pearl Jam

2. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths

3. Jackson by Johnny Cash + June Carter

4. Space Oddity by David Bowie

Photo by Stacy Lanyon, 2014

Photo by Stacy Lanyon, 2014

5. Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chilli Peppers

6. Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us by Alison Krauss + Robert Plant

7. Deep Water by Portishead

p.s. Next time I'll be sure to sing into the mike the *entire* time. That's what's so great about making mistakes - you get to learn from them!



"Roar aka Fuck Bikinis, Bras + Shaving aka I Just Want To Be Free" Photo by Stacy Lanyon, 2014

"Roar aka Fuck Bikinis, Bras + Shaving aka I Just Want To Be Free" Photo by Stacy Lanyon, 2014

Lead speaker + vocals: Dawn Stewart-Lookkin

1. Dream Journal, 4/1/2014 Tuesday 3:54PM

2. Little Lentil, 4/8/14, Tuesday 10:35PM

3. Let's Burn Again aka The universe are my friends + family and the universe provides, 4/8/2014 Tuesday 10:29AM; Song, "Let's Burn Again" by Gush, A capella vocals by Dawn at 13:16

4. Spirit Bath, 4/16/2014, Wednesday 9:57AM

"Little Lentil"  Photo by Stacy Lanyon, 2014

"Little Lentil"

Photo by Stacy Lanyon, 2014

5. Shit + Blood + Music, 4/17/2014 Thursday 7:19AM

6. Compassion for Lindsay Lohan aka How To Empathize with your Neighbors, 4/22/2014 1:51PM

7. Roar aka Fuck Bikinis, Bras + Shaving aka I Just Want To Be Free, 5/1/14

Read more at My Radical Miscarriage Blog.

p.s. You're allowed to laugh.


Storytelling: "The Story of My Radical Miscarriage"  Photo by Stacy Lanyon, 2014

Storytelling: "The Story of My Radical Miscarriage"

Photo by Stacy Lanyon, 2014

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THANK YOU to my always and forever loving partner in this life and beyond, Danny Valdes, for your generosity of spirit, compassion, emotional support, incredible musicianship, guitar playing, laughter, playing the "devil's advocate", political discussions, love of science + astronomy, being such a great cat-daddy and for putting up with me every single day. Thank you to my audience's love + support: Danny, Jessica, my mom, Stacy, Lizzie, David, Teddy, Monica, Lorna, Sylver, Rita, Denisse, Joe, Laurie, Al, Jennifer, Arsenia, Ellen, Dragonfly,  + Rev. Bruce Southworth. Thank you Jessica Wiscovitch, my soul sister, life coach, folder of event programs and displayer of artwork, Lizzie Hurst for emotional support, future creative collaborations, program folder & lettering expert, Monica Hunken for unconditional love, support and deep compassion, Stacy Lanyon for the beautiful photography and giving the world At The Heart of an Occupation and interviewing me (6/12/12) + Danny (4/2/12), Teddy Tam for being our videographer + your honesty, Danny Valdes for the audio recordings, my mom, Diana Stewart, for all the special treats we enjoyed during the intermission as well as event advice + birthing + raising me to think for myself, David Yap who brainstorms with me and was in charge of collecting donations, Denisse Ovalle and Lorna Henkel for event program folders, Joe Sutton for being my friend + editing early versions of other nonfiction creative writings, Jennifer Witcher my accountant + friend, never fearful of leaning into the discomfort, Arsenia Reilly-Collins for befriending me after LAVA's Night of Renegades, sharing your stories with me + for being fierce, Rev. Bruce Southworth for your support over the many years since I met you when I was 6 years old when my mom + I joined The Community Church of New York + especially for the numerous recommendation letters you wrote for me for college/internships/jobs/etc (which helped me to get in/get those colleges/jobs/etc), Ellen Morrone for being my best friend in the 9th grade, your talent for creating baked goods (and hand embroidery!) + sensitivity + kindness, Al Smith for your inappropriate humor + Johnny Cash impersonations + letting us sleep in your bed, Sylver Pondolfino for your always thoughtful words, warmth + showing up early (!!), Dragonfly Robin Laverne Wilson for being my auntie + older sister + calling me your hero that day & Laurie Mittelmann for the most amazing hugs + kisses, your deep kindness + always being present in every moment - it is a gift! A special donor thank you shout out to Jean Merritt, Vyt + Liz + Elvis Bakaitis, Pat Coleine, Angel Feet, Linda Noveski, Selma James + Phoebe Jones Schellenberg, Ann Gael, Jessie Meegan, Barbara Nulligan, Judy Verne, Robert Robrick, Carmen Hutchingson, Patricia Nelson + Reena Condo. More thank yous for emotional support, fbk chats, emails + text msgs of love + encouragement: Jessica Wiscovitch, Shanti Cruz, Ali Jacobs, Louise Barry, Barbi Lee, Siobhan O'Loughlin, Erin Langdon Chernov, Connie Alexa D., Jasmine Victoria, Katie Brown Johnson, Amanda Osorio, Kaori Delise, J. Alex Pruner, Onesio Zunguza + Sadie Goldman, Sarbani Hazra, Ginia Shaktis, Cambra Moniz-Edwards, Billy Talen, Savitri D, Jessie Meegan, Katt Ramos, Molly Chanoff, Ashley Brockington, LAVA, Steve Hunt, YAWN, Nora McKelvey, Renee Petruna, Sara Huneke, SARK, Brené Brown, Ina May Gaskin, Rev. Billy & The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir + My Inner Wise Self. Thank you Denice Kondik for the delightful + loving goody bag of break-a-leg-treats as well as our many talks. Thank you also to Nickeisha Rowe of CCNY for helping to make this event happen. There are soooo many more of you that I am grateful for and have given me so much incredible support and compassion - if I haven't thanked you here, I promise I will!!

Photo by Stacy Lanyon, 2014

Photo by Stacy Lanyon, 2014